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Founder's Message

The overall growth and learning new advances, is a life lasting process but the feasibility to accommodate these changes can only be incepted at early age and that is the main purpose of education system. Every child is an asset with a unique set of capabilities and potential possibilities and can be nurtured with a proper atmosphere and vision

Hence, we sincerely believe that it is the right of every child to get an education which will not only enhance their academic and extra-curricular knowledge but also make them ready for the substantially changing world of knowledge

At LDBS, we give a learning situation that moves and inspires youngsters, and urges them to investigate boundless conceivable outcomes as they continued looking for information. Since commencement, our larger objective is to make LDBS a cheerful school, where educating is a delight and learning is; where learning and exceeding expectations is an enthusiasm, and culture and qualities have a pre-prominent spot